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Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

Welded Hydraulic Cylinders Repair & Rebuild in Chicago, IL

Welded hydraulic cylinders have numerous applications, but their intricate design can make repairs challenging. Cylinders, Inc. has the unmatched expertise to repair even the most complex welded hydraulic cylinders. Don’t risk your expensive equipment or increased down-time, bring your cylinders to the experts at Cylinders, Inc. for outstanding repairs and service.

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What Is a Welded Cylinder?

Welded cylinders are cylinders in which the barrel is directly welded to the end caps, and on the other end, the main tube is welded directly to the base plug; there are also cross tubes that are welded to the piston end. These welded elements eliminate the need for tie rods and strengthen the cylinder overall.

Welded Hydraulic Cylinders
Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

Pros and cons

Welded Cylinder Advantages & Disadvantages

There are quite a few advantages to using welded cylinders, as well as a noticeable disadvantage.

Welded hydraulic cylinders are not only consistent and reliable but are also much more durable than other types of cylinders. They can also be custom-engineered to fit specific applications. Other advantages include:

• Highly cost practical and compact construction;

• Superior seal packages;

• Aesthetically pleasing and simple look, they blend well into the surrounding equipment in which they have been installed;

• Achieving great bearing lengths if needed.

There biggest disadvantage to consider before choosing to use welded cylinders is that these cylinders are rather complicated and are significantly more difficult to repair without expert help. Our team has been working with welded hydraulic cylinders, as well as a vast range of other hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, since 1991, so we can easily meet your repair needs.


What Type of Welded Cylinder Do You Have?

These cylinders come in a handful of and are used in different industries, but no matter which type you are working with, even custom welded hydraulic cylinders, Cylinders, Inc. can handle the repair with ease.

What Type of Position Sensor Does Your Cylinder Have?

Do you have an electronic, smart sensor cylinder?

Generally, if your cylinder has an electronic plug or port connection, position sensing is in the cylinder. Different OEM and equipment manufactures have proprietary systems, however common systems include:

Hydraulic Severe-Duty Welded Cylinders

Hydraulic Severe-Duty Welded Cylinders

Hydraulic severe-duty welded cylinders can withstand a whopping 5,000 pound force per square inch of pressure, and have larger bore sizes and increased wall tubing, making them the ideal choice for more extreme mill applications.

Hydraulic Heavy-Duty Welded Cylinders

Hydraulic Heavy-Duty Welded Cylinders

Hydraulic heavy-duty welded cylinders also have the capability to take 3,000 pound force per square inch of pressure, but their bore sizes make them applicable for a great range of industries, including manufacturing, waste, mining, and more.

Hydraulic Medium-Duty Welded Cylinders

Hydraulic Medium-Duty Welded Cylinders

Hydraulic medium-duty welded cylinders are a great choice for a wide range of industries including aviation, agriculture, materials, and more! Built to withstand a slightly lower pressure, medium-duty hydraulic cylinders remain a high-quality solution for many applications.

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How We Repair Welded Cylinders



After we receive your cylinder, by drop off or our delivery trucks, our technicians will begin disassembly. After a careful and thorough inspection, assessing any damage or need for replacement, we will give you a call to explain what has caused any failures and our plan to fix the hydraulic cylinder as quickly and affordably as possible.



As soon as we have your approval, our team will start with cylinder repair. Welded cylinders are not always straightforward, so we make sure every step is completed carefully. If it can be done effectively and with long lasting results, we will repair and recondition each component.

If they can’t be repaired, our team will replace any failed component including caps, pistons, ports, rods, seals, tubes, and valves, with top quality, newly sourced parts. In some cases, we can also fabricate parts that will increase the longevity of the welded hydraulic cylinder.



After cylinder repairs are completed, the welded cylinder will undergo rigorous stress and pressure testing to ensure it can effectively operate at optimal productivity and efficiency, while maintaining safety and reliability under maximum pressure.

Ram Hydraulic Cylinder Repair FAQ

How long will a welded cylinder last after a repair?

A welded cylinder can last for many years after a proper repair. At Cylinders, Inc., we have the expertise to thoroughly and effectively repair welded cylinders, bringing them back to full operation.

How much is it to repair a welded cylinder?

Repairing a welded cylinder can be a complicated process, so the total cost will depend on a wide range of factors. To find out more about Cylinders, Inc. services or schedule a consultation fill out our short form or give us a call!

Do you repair welded pneumatic cylinders?

We absolutely do! Give us all the details regarding your welded cylinder and we’ll get back to you with a comprehensive plan for how to address its issues and get you back to work as quickly as possible.