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Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder Repair & Rebuild in Chicago, IL

We offer turnkey hydraulic tie rod cylinder repair solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology and expertise can meet any challenge. Call us today to repair your cylinder!

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What Is a Tie Rod Cylinder?

A tie rod cylinder has high-strength threaded steel rods that hold the end caps to the cylinder barrel. These cylinders usually have static seals to prevent leakage between the barrel and end-cap interface. Small cylinders usually have four tie rods, and large, industrial types can have as many as twenty to withstand intense force.

Lauded for their compact design, hydraulic tie rod cylinders are most often used in factory applications. Most do not exceed 3,000 psi and many are built to NFPA standards, offering easy disassembly if a malfunction occurs.

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder
Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

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What Type of Tie Rod Cylinder Do You Have?

No matter whether you have a standard or heavy-duty tie rod hydraulic cylinder, our expertly trained technicians have the experience and knowledge to fix whatever fault they incur.

What Type of Position Sensor Does Your Cylinder Have?

Do you have an electronic, smart sensor cylinder?

Generally, if your cylinder has an electronic plug or port connection, position sensing is in the cylinder. Different OEM and equipment manufactures have proprietary systems, however common systems include:

(Tie Rod) Standard-Duty

Standard-Duty Tie Rod Cylinders

Used in industrial actuators rated to 2,500 psi, standard-duty tie rod cylinders are easy to repair as their standardized dimensions allow the convenient interchange of components from different manufacturers with the same mountings.

(Tie Rod) Heavy-Duty

Heavy-Duty Tie Rod Cylinders

These cylinders can be used in hydraulic systems up to 5,000 psi due to their thicker body walls and larger rod diameters. Their additional strength and rigidity are designed to withstand heavy-duty work environments.

Get Your Cylinder Fixed Today

With over 30 years of experience repairing hydraulic tie rod cylinders, we provide cost-effective solutions with quick turnarounds to get your equipment up to speed.

Get Your Tie Rod Cylinder Fixed Today

With over 20 years of experience repairing hydraulic and pneumatic tie rod cylinders, we provide cost-effective solutions with quick turnarounds to get your equipment up to speed.

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How We Repair Tie Rod Cylinders



After receiving a tie rod cylinder, our technicians will carefully inspect it to assess the damage. They’ll get in touch with the client and explain what caused the failure and how they plan to fix it. Our team endeavors to repair cylinders as swiftly as possible, whether it's resealing the cylinder or replacing or fabricating a new part.



There are many parts and components that can make up a tie rod cylinder. A cylinder can fail because one or numerous parts need repairing or replacing:

  • Head / cap 
  • Cylinder barrel
  • Rod cartridge 
  • Piston
  • Piston rod
  • Tie rod
  • Cushions
  • Cushion Needle valve
  • Tube end seals
  • Ports
  • Rod seals
  • Piston seals
  • Rod wiper

At Cylinders, Inc., we can replace and repair any of these components, and in some cases, can also fabricate required parts to increase cylinder life.



Once the repair is complete, the tie rod cylinder is pressure-tested to ensure it’s safe, reliable, and can withstand maximum pressure. We make sure all repaired cylinders operate at optimal efficiency.

Ram Hydraulic Cylinder Repair FAQ

How much does it cost to repair a tie rod cylinder in Chicago, IL?

The cost to repair a tie rod cylinder depends on its type, application, and extent of the damage. If you bring your cylinder to our shop, we can assess the damage and provide you with a quote.

How long does a tie rod cylinder repair last?

At Cylinders, Inc., we offer a 1-year warranty on all our tie rod cylinder repairs. A cylinder’s longevity is dependent on the intensity of its application. However, if regularly maintained and well-looked after, cylinders can outlast their warranty.

Do you repair tie rod pneumatic cylinders?

Yes! At Cylinders, Inc., our team is adept in repairing a wide variety of pneumatic cylinders, including tie rod. Tie rod cylinders are simpler to repair by nature because they are easier to disassemble and reassemble.