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Double-Acting Cylinders

Double-Acting Cylinders Repair & Rebuild in Chicago, IL

For all your double-acting cylinders repair needs, Cylinders, Inc. has you covered. With experience handling repairs, restoration, and rebuilds, our team knows just how to restore or upgrade your double action hydraulic cylinder, as well as pneumatic, with ease.

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What Is a Double-Acting Cylinder?

Double-acting cylinders are cylinders that rely on two ports for working pressure connection lines to provide you with the full power of a hydraulic system from both directions. This versatile cylinder choice provides power in both directions, allowing for a multi-use system that is used in several different implementations. 

While this is a wonderful cylinder choice, double-action hydraulic cylinders do have a complexity that can lead to a few issues. For instance, even a minor leak can compromise the precision of your systems. To avoid this impact, it’s important to work closely with technicians who can provide double acting single stage and double-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinder repair services when you need them most.

Double-Acting Cylinders
Double-Acting Cylinders

Pros and cons

How Is the Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Different from the Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder?

Unlike the single-acting hydraulic cylinder, which relies on a plunger that extends when the hydraulic fluid enters the cylinder at high pressure, the double-action hydraulic cylinders operate slightly differently. With this cylinder, the plunger is retracted when the hydraulic fluid enters the system at this high pressure, at the opposite end of the cylinder. This allows the plunger to reset back to its original, retracted position.


What Types of Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders Do We Repair?

With over 30 years of experience, our team at Cylinders, Inc. knows how to tackle several different double-action hydraulic cylinder repairs. Let’s break it down.

What Type of Position Sensor Does Your Cylinder Have?

Do you have an electronic, smart sensor cylinder?

Generally, if your cylinder has an electronic plug or port connection, position sensing is in the cylinder. Different OEM and equipment manufactures have proprietary systems, however common systems include:

Welded Cylinders

Welded Cylinders

Welded double-acting hydraulic cylinders rely on bore sizes reaching 24 inches and operating up to 3,000 psi. Unlike other cylinders, this type may require more extensive repairs to maintain the welded cylinder system.

Tie-rod Cylinders

Tie-rod Cylinders

A tie-rod cylinder is held together by four or more threaded tie bolts. These bolts run the length of the cylinder tube and provide power in both extending and retracting directions. This type of cylinder typically has a less expensive repair, with outer tie rods being easier to remove and replace.

Mill-duty Cylinders

Mill-duty Cylinders

Mill-duty cylinders are cylinders that have been designed to provide a more durable, reliable cylinder product. This type of cylinder, due to its construction, helps reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Telescopic Cylinders

Telescopic Cylinders

A telescopic cylinder is used in situations where an application needs a compact retracted dimension, as well as a longer stroke. Double-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinder repair can be handled by our skilled professionals.

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With over 20 years of experience repairing hydraulic and pneumatic tie rod cylinders, we provide cost-effective solutions with quick turnarounds to get your equipment up to speed.

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We Serve Your Industry

At Cylinders, Inc., we are proud to serve several different industries with our repairs for double-acting cylinders. These industries include:

  • Waste & Recycling
  • Construction
  • Farming & Agriculture
  • Forestry & Logging
  • Drilling & Mining
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Energy
  • Entertainment & Stimulation
  • Industrial Manufacturing 
  • Material Handling
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Oil & Gas
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How We Repair Double-Acting Cylinders



Once you bring in your double-action hydraulic cylinder, our team will carefully inspect it to acknowledge and damage it has endured. Once we have done a thorough inspection, we will contact you to share what we found and the plan to repair it. At this time, we will assess whether a repair will do the job, or if we need to rebuild your cylinder.



Once we have inspected your double-action hydraulic cylinders and identified the issues, we will begin our repair process. There are many different parts and components in different double-acting cylinders that may require repairing or replacing. These include:

  • Head/cap
  • Cylinder barrel
  • Rod cartridge
  • Piston
  • Piston rod
  • Tie rod
  • Cushions
  • Cushion needle valve
  • Tube end seals
  • Ports
  • Rod seals
  • Piston seals
  • Rod wiper


The final step in our process is testing. Once our repair is complete, we pressure-test your cylinder to ensure it is in its best condition and will operate at its optimal efficiency.

Ram Hydraulic Cylinder Repair FAQ

How much is it to repair a double-acting hydraulic cylinder?

The final cost of a double-action hydraulic cylinder repair depends on the damage your cylinder has endured, whether it can be simply repaired or needs to be fabricated replacement parts, and how long it will take to fix. For a quote on your cylinder repair, contact us at 630-580-1245 today.

Is repairing a double-action cylinder any different from repairing a single-action alternative?

Yes, the process for repairing double action vs single action cylinders is different due to their construction. Typically, double-acting cylinders have a more complex design, requiring more expertise and seals to repair.

What’s the lifetime of a double-acting cylinder after it’s been repaired?

When properly maintained and repaired, you can get a lot more out of your double-acting hydraulic cylinders. With proper maintenance and repairs, your cylinder will be like new and can last decades.