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Heil Hydraulic Cylinder Repair & Rebuild Service

Heil Hydraulic Cylinder Repair & Rebuild Service

From repairs to re-manufacturing, Cylinders, Inc. has offered Heil hydraulic cylinders repairs services for more than 30 years. With in-house manufacturing to tackle the Heil hydraulic repairs for all internal components, including electronic position sensors, our knowledgeable staff will quickly bring your Heil cylinders back to their best condition.

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Trust in Our 30 Years’ Worth of Experience Repairing Heil Hydraulic Cylinders

Since 1991, Cylinders, Inc. has been proud to offer Heil hydraulic repairs to the Chicagoland area. Instead of simply replacing your Heil cylinder, our team works to identify the issues with the one you have, repairing and remanufacturing it to save you money.

Over the years, Heil cylinders will undergo expected wear and tear, but we know how this natural disintegration can hamper your everyday operations. To ensure performance stability, Cylinders, Inc. will repair any issues we find with your Heil cylinder. Not only is our team equipped to handle any repairs, but we can also build you a custom cylinder when necessary.

With a management team and crew dedicated to providing the best results and the best service, we will ensure your operations are back up and running in no time.

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Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago
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Front-end loaders

Front-end loader garbage trucks use a hydraulic system that consists of powerful cylinders to lift, tilt, and empty large waste containers into the truck's hopper. These cylinders are engineered to bear the heavy weight of the container and withstand the intense pressure needed to lift and tilt it.


Automated side loaders

Heil automated side loader garbage trucks use a hydraulic system that includes a precise and efficient cylinder mechanism to extend and lift the mechanical arm that grabs and empties residential waste containers. The hydraulic cylinders are designed to operate accurately and swiftly, as the arm must pick up and empty multiple containers with speed and accuracy.


Rear loaders

Heil rear loader garbage trucks use a hydraulic system with robust and efficient cylinders to lift and empty waste containers into the truck's hopper, which is positioned at the back of the vehicle. These hydraulic cylinders are engineered to be durable and efficient, as the truck must be able to collect and compact a large volume of waste in a short amount of time.

  • PT1100;
  • DURAPACK® 5000;
  • PT1000;
We Work With

Most Common Heil Machinery We Work With

Cylinders, Inc. offers services for a variety of Heil garbage trucks, including front-end loaders, automated side loaders, and rear loaders.

Automated Sideloader



3771513175, 3771513176, 3771513177, 3771513178, 3771413328, 3771413326, 3771413329, 3771413327, 3771413325


3771933071, 3771933072, 3774121041, 3776321100, 3776821084


3771921043, 3777921093


3770521098, 3776821078, 3770521101

We Repair

Most Common Heil Hydraulic Cylinders We Repair

We specialize in the repair of all types of Heil hydraulic cylinders. Our expert technicians can repair telescopic, single-stage, and multi-stage cylinders, as well as custom cylinders designed for specialized applications.


Types of Heil Cylinder Repairs We Handle

Heil hydraulic cylinders can be repaired before they need to be completely replaced, depending on how much internal damage has occurred.

  • Reseals: This fix entails filling in any gaps between the components. Typically, a combination of static seals around the piston and rod and dynamic seals for moving parts is used. If there are any intact core components, they are placed back in their proper position.
  • Repairs: Heil hydraulic cylinder rebuilds are avoidable as long as early warning indications are recognized. Repairs entail replacing minor broken parts or components, and the procedure is typically quick and simple.
  • Rebuilds: A rebuild is frequently preferred when the components are too old or worn out. This is a cost-effective method of extending the life of your equipment because any salvageable components are recovered.
Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago
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Ready to Get Your Heil Cylinder Repaired?

Noticing some of the key signs that it’s time for Heil hydraulic repairs? Our team at Cylinders, Inc. has you covered. For assistance with your hydraulic cylinders, contact our team today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a Heil hydraulic cylinder?

The cost of repairing a Heil hydraulic cylinder can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the cost of replacement parts. At Cylinders, Inc., we can provide a cost estimate upon inspection of the cylinder, just contact us today!

What’s your turnaround time for Heil hydraulic cylinder repairs?

Great question! Once we receive your Heil cylinder, we will work to find the issue and provide you with a quote to repair it. The lead time on repairs will vary based on what parts are needed and our current repair schedule, but we will work as quickly as possible to return your Heil hydraulic cylinders. 

How do I know my Heil cylinder are broken?

There are a few signs that your Heil cylinders are broken, including:

  • You hear banging or knocking sounds coming from your cylinder. While hydraulic cylinders can be expected to make some noise, they shouldn’t be disruptive. This loud sound can signal a need for Heil hydraulic repairs.
  • You notice different movements. Hydraulic cylinders are designed to move smoothly, but when there is a problem, you may see unusual movements. This can include jerking or juddering movements and is a sign that the piston and rod may need repair.
  • Your cylinder feels hot. A Hydraulic cylinder is set within particular temperature ranges, and should never heat beyond a certain point. If your cylinder feels hotter, that's a sign you may need professional assistance.
  • Your cylinder is slow. When a cylinder needs repair, it may start to lose some of its power, causing it to slow down. This will affect your machine's speed and power, making it take longer to cycle.
  • Your cylinder increases power usage. If your machine starts using more power, this can be due to a cylinder issue.