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Backhoe Cylinder Repair & Replacement Services Near Chicago, IL

Tired of hydraulic cylinder problems sidelining your backhoe? Our expert technicians at Cylinders, Inc. specialize in backhoe cylinder repair and rebuilds. With quality seals, rods, and components, we'll have your equipment off the sidelines and back on the job site in no time. Contact us today to learn more information about our backhoe cylinder repair services.

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Trust Our Chicago Backhoe Cylinder Repair Experts with 30+ Years of Expertise

For over 30 years, our trained technicians have been providing top-quality hydraulic cylinder repair and rebuilds for backhoes and other heavy equipment. We're located in Lisle, Illinois, but we serve the entire Chicagoland area. We're focused on minimizing your downtime and getting your equipment quickly back on the job site. Our facility is equipped with advanced machining tools to expertly refurbish any cylinder regardless of the make or model. We can readily obtain seals and other cylinder components from all the major brands to complete repairs quickly. Our large in-house capabilities combined with expedited turnarounds showcase our dedication to superior backhoe cylinder repair services.

Common Backhoe Cylinder Repairs We HandleCommon Backhoe Cylinder Repairs We Handle

cylinder repairs

Common Backhoe Cylinder Repairs We Handle

Our expert technicians have seen and repaired every type of backhoe hydraulic cylinder issue you can imagine. We have the knowledge and capabilities to efficiently diagnose and fix any problem your cylinders may be experiencing. Common repairs we expertly handle include:

  • Rod seal replacement: There's a wide selection of high-quality seals for all cylinder rod sizes.
  • Barrel work: From replacing scratched barrels to honing barrels, we can refurbish cylinders back to smooth, efficient operation. Valve block repairs — stuck valves, leaks, and performance issues are no match for our valve experts.
  • Bent rods: We straighten and refinish bent or damaged cylinder rods back to OEM specs.
  • Leaking base seals: We stock cup seals, wear bands, and main seals and specialize in base repairs.
  • Extending cylinder reach: We can supply longer replacement barrels to extend your cylinder stroke length.

Boom Lift Cylinders

A telescopic cylinder that enables the boom to extend and retract under tremendous loads. This equipment requires precise machining and tight tolerances.

Bucket Cylinders

Bucket cylinders are attached to the bucket for curling and dumping and can withstand high side loads. These require versatile pivot ends.

Swing Cylinders

Large bore welded cylinders that swing the backhoe left and right with tremendous torque. Swing cylinders are extremely rugged.

Steering Cylinders

Steering cylinders enable smooth, precise steering by pivoting the articulation joint and they're designed for frequent cycling.


Extend the outriggers for stability and can hold their position under load for long periods.


Backhoe Cylinder Types That We Repair

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Don't let a faulty hydraulic cylinder sideline your backhoe any longer. Our experts can have it repaired quickly. Request a no-obligation quote today to minimize your downtime and get your equipment back on the job site.

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John Deere

Our technicians are experts at servicing hydraulic cylinders for John Deere backhoes. We have access to a large inventory of John Deere seals, rods, barrels, and other parts to rebuild cylinders to OEM specs quickly. Our team knows John Deere cylinders inside and out for fast expert repair.


Caterpillar is known for exceptionally rugged, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. Our shop has specialized knowledge for servicing all Cat backhoe cylinder needs from replacing damaged rods to reconditioning barrels to valve debugging. We handle even the toughest Cat cylinder repairs efficiently.


Komatsu produces remarkably reliable hydraulic cylinders for their backhoe equipment. Our experienced technicians have all the expertise to get Komatsu cylinders back up and running smoothly. We use top-quality components and proven techniques to efficiently repair Komatsu cylinders and hydraulics. You can trust our shop for expert Komatsu cylinder service.


Backhoe Cylinder Brands We Service


Our technicians are experts at repairing and rebuilding backhoe cylinders used at construction sites. We service all major excavator and backhoe brands like Caterpillar, John Deere, and Komatsu to keep your equipment functional. Rely on Cylinders, Inc. for quick, expert cylinder service.

Farming & Agriculture

We understand the critical role backhoes play on farms for digging, loading, and more. Our shop services hydraulic cylinders for leading backhoe brands including Case, New Holland, and Kubota. We'll get your cylinders rebuilt and your backhoe back in operation quickly.

Forestry & Logging

Our team repairs cylinders for rugged forestry backhoes used in logging operations. We have access to a number of cylinder parts and service know-how for major brands like Tigercat, LinkBelt, and more. Fast, expert service keeps your backhoe working productively in the forest.


We Work with Your Industry

Industry expertise

Our technicians have decades of backhoe cylinder repair experience.

Cylinder parts access

We have access to an extensive inventory of parts for fast equipment repairs.

Advanced tools

We use advanced tools to efficiently rebuild cylinders.

Quality assured

Our work is backed by a solid warranty.

Fast turnaround

We commit to timely service with minimal downtime.

Customer approved

Leading companies from a number of industries trust us.


Why Choose Cylinders, Inc. for Your Backhoe Cylinder Repair?

What Our Clients Say

We finally have our new cylinder installed and our lift is back up and running. The fellows who reinstalled it were commenting on the custom job done on the cylinders. Great experience all the way around. Thank you for your help!

Andy Gordon

Our cylinders were rebuilt with very quick turnaround – and we really appreciate this, as does the Hampshire Fire Department that just lost one vehicle, and needed this repair fast.


Great service and quality work!

Vince Palermo

Great people to do business with that put out quality work.

Clayton Nessling

Quality Cylinder Repair.

Chuck Rogers
What Our Clients Say
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Don't let a faulty cylinder disrupt your work — our experts can quickly diagnose and repair any backhoe cylinder issue. Call Cylinders, Inc. today at (630) 357-5649 for fast, reliable service and get your backhoe operational without delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a backhoe cylinder in Chicago?

The average cost to repair a backhoe cylinder ranges from $500 for a simple seal replacement to over $2,000 if the rod or barrel needs replacement. The specific parts and labor required will determine the total price.

How long does a backhoe cylinder repair take?

Most backhoe cylinder repairs take 1-3 days to complete. This allows proper disassembly, inspection, replacement of damaged components, and testing before the cylinder is returned. In some cases, quick seal replacements may be done in a day.

Do backhoes’ cylinders have any features affecting the repair process?

Features affecting repair: the cylinder's size, whether it's single or double acting, the rod coating (chrome), seal types (urethane, welded), and other factors impact the repair process. Our technicians account for these when servicing cylinders.

What is the average lifetime of a cylinder in a backhoe?

With proper maintenance, backhoe cylinders typically last 5,000-10,000 operating hours. Usage intensity and environmental conditions determine the overall cylinder lifespan.