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Hydraulic Cylinder Welding Service in Chicago

Welding a hydraulic cylinder requires attention to detail and careful inspection. Our precise hydraulic welding repairs cylinders of all shapes and sizes to restore optimal performance.

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We Hold Over Three Decades of Cylinder Welding Expertise

Our fully equipped cylinder shop and seasoned team’s extensive engineering capabilities restores damaged hydraulic cylinders to excellent working condition. With over 30 years of practice, our team has mastered the art of high-quality hydraulic cylinder welding.

We confidently assert Cylinders, Inc.’s welders will always perform the best repair method to ensure a perfect weld that guarantees equipment integrity. When permissible, we offer a cost-effective alternative to cylinder replacement. We are skilled in welding critical components of all brands; we promise our welding on hydraulic cylinders is high-quality and cost-effective.

Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago
Welded Cylinder Advantages & Disadvantages

Need for Welding

Hydraulic Cylinder Components in Need of Welding

Heavy cylinder use can cause the welds at the head, base, or oil connection ports to fail. Cylinders also wear out at the connection points, where clevis pins allow the cylinder to pivot and provide a connection to the load moved by the cylinder. We usually remove the faulty welds by grinding or machining and then replace them with new ones.

Welding a hydraulic cylinder might entail: 

  • Welding a fitting on a hydraulic cylinder
  • Welding hydraulic cylinder rod ends
  • Welding cracks in a hydraulic cylinder barrel
  • Welding a broken hydraulic cylinder rod
  • Welding a hole in a hydraulic cylinder
  • Welding on hydraulic cylinder mounts

Welding Techniques

Our Welding Techniques

MIG welding is our preferred technique because it allows us to deliver high-quality welds with quick turnarounds. We’ve developed a welding process and selected specific welding materials to produce leak-free, high-pressure welded joints. Our special welding jigs for rotating metal parts at a controlled speed produce a uniform, continuous weld around the entire cylinder. 

We’re also proficient in other standard hydraulic welding techniques like: 

  • TIG
  • Inertia/friction welding
  • Submerged-arc welding
  • Pulse arc welding
  • Stick welding

Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago
Welded Cylinder Advantages & Disadvantages


Our Hydraulic Cylinder Welding Process

Our custom fabrication technique is defined by consistency, proper root penetration, and heat control to create a porous-free weld. Clearly defined processes and stringent protocols restore cylinders to their original outputs. 

1. Pressure Test 

We first pressure test the faulty cylinder to identify the exact location of a failed weld, which can occur at the base, the head, or the port connections. 

2. Surface Preparation 

Next, we remove the leaking weld and prepare the cylinder’s surface for joint configuration. This ensures the weld successfully penetrates into the base metal. 

3. Welding 

Our skilled team rewelds the metal parts together; occasionally, this requires multiple passes to guarantee superior strength. We can also fabricate new parts if need be. 

4. Quality Control 

Finally, we reassemble and re-test the cylinder to certify the new weld is leak-free and the cylinder can operate at full pressure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you weld on a hydraulic cylinder without disassembly?

While it’s possible to weld without doing so, we’re committed to high-quality workmanship and prefer disassembly. This allows us to accurately inspect all parts before implementing the best hydraulic welding solutions. 

How does a cylinder last after it’s been welded?

If well cared for, hydraulic cylinder repairs can last decades, provided they perform within the bounds of their environment. Obviously, wear and tear from regular use may still occur. 

Does a hydraulic cylinder’s durability depend on a particular type of welding?

The weld quality of a joint is dependent on material properties, spatial distribution, and the welding method. However, different welding jobs require different methods. Because technique affects cylinder durability, we use the MIG method to ensure longevity and superior strength.