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Hydraulic Cylinder Reseal Service in Chicago

Ready to reseal your hydraulic cylinders? Cylinders Inc. is a leader in resealing hydraulic cylinders. We expertly work to reseal both metric and standard hydraulic cylinders with care, no matter how big or small the job. With a skilled team of experts, we are happy to help.

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We’ve Been Resealing Hydraulic Cylinders for 30+ Years

At Cylinders Inc, we follow a clear, trusted reseal process to ensure your hydraulic cylinder is restored to its best condition. Using the necessary technology, tools, and equipment, we carefully reseal a hydraulic cylinder and ensure it’s well functioning before completing the job.

With extensive experience performing hydraulic cylinder reseal processes, our team has worked across some industries and on projects of all sizes, ensuring that each and every hydraulic cylinder is properly sealed.  From a well-sealed system to a clean, pristine functioning, we will handle it all.

Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago
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What Are the Signs that a Hydraulic Cylinder Needs Resealing?

Curious if it’s time to look into hydraulic cylinder resealing? It’s essential to reseal a cylinder before it has a major failure, and is worth the investment to tackle resealing a hydraulic cylinder.

Signs that it’s time to reseal include any leaks or drift. Leaks tend to be a point for contamination, as well as a loss of fluid - two scenarios that are best to avoid. Drifting, on the other hand, can signal other issues within the equipment that can be looked at and repaired during the resealing process.

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Why Is It Important to Reseal Hydraulic Cylinders?

Resealing hydraulic cylinders is an important part of maintaining your cylinders over time, ensuring it is functioning effectively. From improving your cost-effectiveness to ensuring you have an eco-friendly system, there are numerous reasons to reseal your hydraulic cylinders. Let’s break it down. 


When a hydraulic cylinder begins to show signs of leaking, it’s important to reseal them to ensure you’re maintaining a cost-effective system. With leakage, your system will not run as efficiently as it can (and additionally wastes oil!). As opposed to replacing the whole system for at least $1,000, you can simply repair it for around $200, depending on your system’s needs. 


Resealing is a more eco-friendly alternative for your hydraulic cylinders, as opposed to purchasing a new cylinder. This is because this preventative maintenance avoids you making any unnecessary additional purchases for a new system, instead repairing the one you have with just a few tools to ensure it runs smoothly for years to come. 

Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago
Welded Cylinder Advantages & Disadvantages


Our Cylinder Resealing Process

There are some steps that go into resealing hydraulic cylinders, and our team knows just how it’s done.

For hydraulic cylinder resealing, our process includes:

  • Begin by thoroughly cleaning all external contaminants.
  • The technician disassembles carefully to maintain the integrity of the cylinder. 
  • All internal and external elements are cleaned.
  • Perform a detailed inspection of the different components, including:
  • Measuring the tube to check for damage, inspecting the size, roundness, and straightness of rods, eyes, and alternate mountings are examined, and pistons, heads, and glands are checked to ensure proper functioning. 
  • Prior to reassembling, our team hones the tube, polishes the chrome rods, and removes all burrs. 
  • All elements are thoroughly washed to meet our standards. 
  • Once the process is complete, we test it before returning it to you to check that it is working as it should.

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Got a Cylinder to Reseal?

Have a hydraulic cylinder reseal issue? Our team can help. For all your repair and resealing needs, Cylinders Inc. is equipped for the task.

For assistance resealing a hydraulic cylinder, contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to reseal a hydraulic cylinder?

The average repair cost for hydraulic cylinder reseal projects depends on the degree to which your cylinder is damaged. Our team will work thoroughly to reseal and repair your machinery, yet the cost to reseal hydraulic cylinder systems will depend on your specific needs. For more information, contact us to learn more.

How long will a cylinder last after having been resealed?

Once resealed, your hydraulic cylinder should be in an almost-new state. This means it will last for quite some time, functioning as it did when you first got it for a smooth-running operation. This time will vary based on your maintenance, but you can definitely count on it for a while!

What’s your turnaround time for cylinder resealing?

Great question! The amount of time it takes to reseal a hydraulic cylinder will depend on the condition your cylinder is in. Our professionals will work diligently to return your cylinder to you as quickly as possible while ensuring it is in its best condition.