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Hydraulic Cylinder Chrome Plating in Chicago

At Cylinders, Inc., one area of expertise is cylinder chrome plating. Hard chrome plating is particularly ideal for hydraulic applications as it is slightly porous and offers lubrication value. If you’re exploring rechroming hydraulic cylinders, we’re here to help!

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We’ve Been Doing Hydraulic Cylinder Chrome Plating for Over 30 Years

Our experienced team is happy to provide cylinder hard chrome plating for various components that are essential to your business. In addition to rechroming cylinders that are small, we also offer repair and remanufacturing for large hydraulic cylinders.

You can rely on our team to provide you with quality workmanship regardless of the chrome plating you need. We utilize engineered switch mode rectifiers to deliver chrome plating that’s designed to last.

Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago
Welded Cylinder Advantages & Disadvantages

Need for Rechroming

What Hydraulic Cylinder Parts Can Be Rechromed?

Rechroming hydraulic cylinder rods and other cylinder compartments is an alternative to machining new parts then they are no longer cost-effective.

Here are some parts that we commonly plate and repair:

  • Plungers
  • Valve spools
  • Hydraulic cylinder rods
  • Internal diameter of cylinder shells

Rechroming Techniques

What Are the Advantages of Hydraulic Cylinder Chroming?

Chromium plating for hydraulic cylinders comes with many benefits to consider. We’ve outlined only a few of them below.

Fast Turnaround Time

Did you know that chrome plating hydraulic cylinder rods can be resurfaced in a day if needed?  This means there’s minimal time and cost involved in shipping your parts to facilities that specialize in rechroming. You’ll have your equipment back in your hands in no time!

Resistant to Wear

Hydraulic cylinder rod chrome plating only has 1 percent porosity. This means that it is highly resistant to both oxidation and corrosion. The rods are able to resist  scratching or abuse that could occur in even the most extreme job environments.

Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago
Cylinder Chrome Plating Process


Our Cylinder Chrome Plating Process

The process for cylinder rod rechroming is simple and straightforward. We rebuild damaged journals to their original size through a process of grinding, chrome buildup, and grinding once more. 

  • Cylinder rods undergo a process of grinding and chroming during the repair process. Rods are polished or ground undersize, chrome plated oversize, and then reground and/or polished to your specifications.
  • When necessary, we can hone, chrome, and finish hone.
  • If the chrome is damaged beyond repair, we can strip the chrome from the part in question before refinishing it.

Cylinders inc. team

Got a Cylinder to Rechrome?

If you have a cylinder that needs rechroming, our team at Cylinders, Inc. is happy to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does hydraulic cylinder chroming cost?

The cost of hydraulic cylinder chroming can be as low as $150 and can go up to a few hundred dollars depending on specifics. If you’re interested in hearing more specific quotes, please get in touch with our team directly!

How long will a cylinder last after having been chrome-plated?

There are many specifics that factor into how long a cylinder will last after it’s been chrome-plated. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect the reconditioned cylinder’s lifespace to be as long as a new cylinder. .

How long does it take to re-chrome a cylinder?

We work diligently to re-chrome your cylinder as quickly as possible. If you need to know a specific lead time, our team is happy to provide you with an accurate timeline.