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Hydraulic Ram

Hydraulic Ram Repair & Rebuild in Chicago, IL

If you're looking for a hydraulic ram repair shop in Chicago, Cylinders, Inc. is happy to help. With over 30 years of experience, we can repair any size and make of hydraulic ram.

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What Is a Hydraulic Ram?

Hydraulic rams are used in many modern tractors and front-end loaders for power steering and lift systems. A hydraulic ram is a type of hydraulic cylinder that is used in many different types of equipment. Over time, the seals on these hydraulic systems will start to leak oil. At the point where you're consistently spending on hydraulic fluid, you'll want to look into hydraulic ram cylinder repair to either rebuild the cylinder or replace it entirely.

Hydraulic Ram
Hydraulic Ram

Pros and cons

Should You Replace or Repair Your Hydraulic Ram?

When considering whether you should replace or repair your hydraulic ram, you'll want to factor in the overall value of the damaged hydraulic cylinder ram. This depends on the application, but generally speaking, hydraulic rams do better when they are repaired rather than replaced. This is often due to the sheer difficulty in specifying and finding a direct replacement that's available off the shelf.

Many of the leaking hydraulic ram repairs requests that we see require a new seal kit in order to eliminate leaks of hydraulic oil. In other cases of hydraulic ram repair and reseal, we know the oil escaping due to pitting or a gouge in the hydraulic cylinder rod. When it comes to cost-effectiveness and overall value, it is our experience that it's better to repair rather than replace hydraulic equipment. However, replacing smaller components like cylinder ports, piston nuts, and piston seals may be a necessary step in the repair.


What Type of Position Sensor Does Your Cylinder Have?

Do you have an electronic, smart sensor cylinder?

Generally, if your cylinder has an electronic plug or port connection, position sensing is in the cylinder. Different OEM and equipment manufactures have proprietary systems, however common systems include:

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Don't trust just any company to take care of your hydraulic cylinder ram repair. Our experts at Cylinders, Inc. has 30+ years of experience and are ready to help! 

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Regardless of the industry in which you're in, we're willing and able to help with your repair! Common industries include waste and recycling, construction, farming and agriculture, energy, entertainment, and more. 

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How We Repair Hydraulic Cylinder Rams


Our hydraulic cylinder ram repair services are reliable and affordable. In addition to offering a full strip-down, we can provide you with a report of a failed item in writing and with photographs.

Our inventory of any chromium-plated piston rod, cylinder tube, and replacement seal you need allows us to repair your rams quickly and diligently. If needed, our professionals can also rapidly manufacture replacement parts.

Once we're finished with the repair process, we put it back together with expert cylinder and rod assembly, and then we test each hydraulic ram under full load and on both strokes, mid-point included. It's standard for us to use a high-quality respray in the color of your choice, ensuring your hydraulic ram repair is as good as new when you receive it.

Common problems we see and repair include:

  • Leaking fluid
  • Hydraulic drift
  • Weakened Frame
  • Damaged cylinder barrel, hydraulic hoses, or cylinder head.
  • Piston nut loosening
  • Dirty hydraulic oil
  • Other hydraulic system issues


Ram Hydraulic Cylinder Repair FAQ

How much does the hydraulic ram repair service cost?

The cost of hydraulic ram repair can start as low as $150 and go up to a few thousand dollars. Factors that determine price include the size of the cylinder and how many repairs are needed. Rest assured that we always strive to make our prices as affordable as possible.

How long will a ram last after having been repaired?

The life expectancy of your hydraulic cylinder ram (or pneumatic cylinder ram with compressed air, for that matter) is dependent on many different variables. They are known to be very durable when cared for properly. Usually, a maximum life expectancy is close to that of a new cylinder. 

Should I dismount the hydraulic ram myself and take it to your facility?

We always recommend bringing your hydraulic ram into our facility so our experts can take a look at each of the cylinder components. This way, we’re able to utilize our machinery and tools to help make the cylinder repairs as efficiently as possible. Be sure to complete the removal process according to the manufacturer's specifications.