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Cylinders, Inc. specializes in the repair and refurbishment of a range of custom and leading brand pneumatic cylinders. Call us to schedule your air cylinder repair today!

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Why Choose Pneumatic Cylinder Repair Over Replacement

Since 1991, Cylinders, Inc. has been the go-to air cylinder repair shop in Chicagoland, offering cost-effective cylinder repair solutions. Because pneumatic cylinders are designed for industrial applications that require immense force and movement, they are prone to breakage, which halts facility production and leads to profit loss. Pneumatic cylinders are integral to pneumatic systems, and repair should be a top priority when a problem occurs.

Even if a cylinder is in bad shape, there is still an air cylinder rebuild option. Cylinders, Inc. can fabricate parts and remanufacture a cylinder from scratch based on the original, which is often more affordable than purchasing a new one. For the past 30 years, we have carried out many successful pneumatic cylinder repairs and rebuilds that withstand extremely demanding applications.



Our Pneumatic Cylinder Repair Services

Because each repair is unique, yours may include all or some of these processes to restore your cylinder to its former capabilities.


Cylinder, Inc.’s welding repairs minimize residual stresses and eliminate pneumatic cylinder distortion. Our certified welders select the appropriate welding process parameters to achieve a strong weld with zero defects, restoring equipment productivity.


Through honing, we remove burrs and surface imperfections while generating a finish pattern that promotes optimum lubrication. Our hone process produces ideal tolerances in straightness, roundness, size, and surface finishes of pneumatic cylinder bores.


We provide air cylinder re-chroming to improve corrosion and wear resistance, reduce friction and extend the life of components used in harsh commercial and industrial working environments.


Not only do we provide the re-sealing of pneumatic cylinder service, but we also diagnose the cause of the problem. This way the malfunction won’t reappear in the nearest future, and your equipment will be ready to work again.


Well-adjusted cushioning saves energy, reduces pneumatic cylinder cycle times and maintains piston speed. Our trained specialists will adjust cushioning screws to keep noise and vibration to a minimum for optimal cylinder performance.


Whether it’s a repair or fabrication, we match the surface qualities of pneumatic cylinder barrels with the specifications needed for particular applications, making sure the pistons, seals, and bearings slide smoothly with sufficient strength and rigidity.


Our experts polish damaged pneumatic cylinders, buffing out marks, burs, and surface scratches as part of the refinishing process to ensure the fluid movement of all cylinder components.

Pressure Testing

We perform pressure tests to ensure the safety, reliability, and leak tightness of pressure systems before and after air cylinder repair. Through stress testing, we make sure equipment can be safely subjected to maximum operating pressure.


Bent pneumatic cylinder rods can be the reason equipment starts to fail. We realign them to restore concentricity, reducing hard chrome build-up. If we need to repair cylinder mounting, we’ll select a method that best absorbs force in the cylinder’s centerline.


Types of Air Cylinders We Repair

We offer telescopic, double-acting, and single-acting pneumatic cylinder repair to maintain the lifespan of critical equipment across a range of industries.

Telescopic Cylinders


Available in single and double-acting, telescopic cylinders are composed of several cylinders built inside one another. They are used in applications requiring long strokes but short, retracted lengths, such as trucks, construction, and mining equipment.

Single-Acting Cylinders

Single Acting

A single-acting pneumatic cylinder has a linear actuator that supplies air through one side of the piston, while a spring accomplishes the return stroke. These cylinders are typically used in vehicle engines, light assembly operations, etc.

Double-Acting Cylinders

Double Acting

Double-acting pneumatic cylinder pistons extend and retract, operating on both sides of the piston. Because they produce force from both ends of the cylinder, they’re used for conveyor belts, robotics, construction, and agricultural equipment.

Sensor Cylinders

Sensor Cylinders

Electric smart cylinders are built and adapted for direct stroke measurement, resulting in much higher replacement costs. Additional seals, separate signal wire chambers, and electronic ports are frequently required by sensor system components.


Pneumatic Cylinder Applications We Work With

Pneumatic Molding Machines

Pneumatic Molding Machines

Our technicians have advanced training in various methods and techniques of pneumatic cylinder repair processes.

Food Industry Machinery

Food Industry Machinery

Pneumatic automation meets the fast-paced requirements needed in the food and beverage industry. When a pneumatic cylinder fails, it adversely affects the entire supply chain. Cylinder, Inc.’s proficient team will quickly get your operation back to speed.

Packaging Machine

Packaging Machine

Industrial packaging equipment extensively uses pneumatic technology due to its economical and compact means of generating linear motion. Our air cylinder repairs will ensure faulty machinery is safe, reliable, and restored to prime working condition.

Printing Equipment

Printing Equipment

Keeping pneumatic cylinders in fine working order is a fundamental step in guaranteeing printing equipment performs at its best. We have cylinders and related components to keep pneumatically powered printing gear equipment in top condition.


Pneumatics are commonly used in medical, cosmetic, entertainment, and robotic industries, all of which we serve. Regardless of the type of equipment, if there’s a pneumatic cylinder, we can fix it.

Brands We Repair

Brands We Repair

Our Illinois pneumatic cylinder rebuild shop services any standard or custom pneumatic cylinders, including trusted brands such as

Cylinders inc. team

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Our Pneumatic Cylinder Repair Process


We carefully log the repair once we receive the pneumatic cylinder, either when a new client ships it to our shop or when we pick it up from a regular customer who’s nearby.


Our team opens the cylinder to assess the root of the problem. If the repair is more complicated than a simple re-seal, we’ll provide possible recommendations to the client along with a quote.


We produce our quotes in QuickBooks and send quotes for approval. If a client chooses not to follow our recommendations, we may not  provide a warranty but may still go through with the repair.

Approval & Repair

Once the client has approved, our team will start repairing the cylinder. We replace all failed components, such as rods, pistons, tubs, seals, and valves, with newly sourced or fabricated parts.

Quality Test

We place our repairs under rigorous stress testing for specific lengths of time to ensure your cylinder can run without fault and perform at maximum productivity. All our repairs undergo stringent quality tests to ensure our quality workmanship prevails.

Report & Shipping

When you pick or receive your repaired cylinder via shipment, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing all parts repaired and replaced, the root cause of failure, the quality test results, and recommended installation instructions.


Why Clients Think We Are One of the Best Illinois Pneumatic Cylinder Rebuild Shops

Fast Turn-Around Time

Our team immediately gets to work addressing urgent repair issues. We labor tirelessly to provide fast turnaround times, limiting downtime and minimizing the impact of unproductive machinery.

Superior Workmanship

Cylinders, Inc.’s in-house team of engineers and designers consists of only highly trained professionals with relevant experience and knowledge needed to repair standard and custom pneumatic cylinders, regardless of their application.

Comprehensive Repair

We’re Chicagoland’s one-stop shop for troubleshooting, full testing, and the repair of malfunctioning pneumatic cylinders. Our team rebuild cylinder components to meet and exceed industry requirements.

Convenient Spare Part Fabrication

We replace old parts with new ones from trusted suppliers, and if we can’t, our team will meticulously fabricate the part you need. Our facilities allow us to manufacture parts of any difficulty and precision according to your cylinder.

1 Year Repair Warranty

All our pneumatic cylinder repairs come with a 1-year repair warranty, assuring our company’s commitment to exemplary workmanship and superior products, whether sourced or fabricated. We’re proud to provide solutions, and that last.

What Our Clients Say

We finally have our new cylinder installed and our lift is back up and running. The fellows who reinstalled it were commenting on the custom job done on the cylinders. Great experience all the way around. Thank you for your help!

Andy Gordon

Our cylinders were rebuilt with very quick turnaround – and we really appreciate this, as does the Hampshire Fire Department that just lost one vehicle, and needed this repair fast.


Great service and quality work!

Vince Palermo

Great people to do business with that put out quality work.

Clayton Nessling

Quality Cylinder Repair.

Chuck Rogers
What Our Clients Say
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rebuild a pneumatic cylinder in Chicago, IL?

The total cost of pneumatic cylinder rebuild depends on the type of cylinder and damage incurred. If you drop off your cylinder at our air cylinder repair shop, we can inspect it and provide an accurate quote.

Will an air cylinder outlast the offered warranty?

Pneumatic cylinders can last well in excess of their warranty if they undergo regular, preventative maintenance. Their application and the severity of their general work environment also plays a role in high-performance longevity.

How do I make sure a pneumatic cylinder needs repairing?

It can be challenging to diagnose exact issues of faulty pneumatic cylinders. These six telltale signs indicate you may require air cylinder repair.

  • Failure to move or actuate, or slow actuation. 
  • Visual corrosion or excessive wear
  • Loud pulsing sounds
  • Intermittent start-ups
  • Require higher than normal pressure to actuate