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Types of Cylinders We Repair in Chicago, IL

Cylinders, Inc. is your one-stop repair shop for all standard and customized hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Our expert team members will get your cylinder back to optimum productivity.

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Cylinder Types We Work With

We work with cylinders of all shapes and sizes. Our skilled team strives to keep costs low and cycle times on schedule to help you get up and running. We can repair, replace, and remanufacture parts from tie rod to telescopic custom cylinders to get your equipment and machinery back to work.

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder

Tie Rod Cylinders

Tie rod hydraulic cylinders are held together by four or more threaded tie bolts that run the length of the cylinder tube and hold the baseplate and head together. There are many options to configure tie-rod cylinders to meet the application requirements for mounting. Tie rod cylinders can be easier to disassemble to separate the head, base, tube and rod. Many tie rod cylinders are constructed to meet NFPA industry standards for interchangeability.

Sensor Cylinders

Sensor Cylinders

Technology and control systems can be integrated into smart hydraulic cylinder operation. In certain applications, cylinders are equipped with embedded position measurement for reporting to electronic control systems. Embedded position sensors have unique sealing requirements and can be separately tested for proper signal reporting. Cylinders, Inc. has developed procedures to repair and reseal many sensor cylinders.

Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

Welded Cylinders

Welded cylinders secure the cylinder tube, base and port connections together by welding the parts together. It is necessary that the welds are completed correctly to assure the cylinder holds pressure and without leaks. The head of the cylinder can be retained with a variety of locking methods that permit removal of the piston rod assembly and seals. Welded hydraulic cylinders offer a more compact design when space is limited.

Telescopic Cylinders

Telescopic Cylinders

Commonly used in dump heads or waste collection trucks, telescopic hydraulic cylinders consist of a series of sleeves that sequentially decrease in diameter and are nested inside of each other. These cylinders enhance productivity in terms of speed and force and compact envelope design.

Hydraulic Ram

Hydraulic Ram Repair

Hydraulic rams consist of a cylinder and a rod the same as the piston in diameter. Hydraulic rams are most often used in heavy-duty systems and due to the weights ram is used to lift, there can be an oil leakage in the sealing. That's where Cylinders, Inc. can help you and perform the best quality hydraulic ram repair.

Single-Acting Cylinders

Single Acting Cylinders

Single acting hydraulic cylinders generate force in one direction, either through a push or pull. They are usually used in lifting applications where pressure from the hydraulic pump extends the hydraulic cylinder, and the load or spring retracts it. Single acting hydraulic cylinders only have one port where pressurized oil from the hydraulic pump flows in.

Double-Acting Cylinders

Double Acting Cylinders

Double-acting cylinders have pressure flowing from two ports. Its hydraulic power extends and retracts in both directions, giving the cylinder the ability to push and pull. They are used in a wide variety of non-industrial applications like elevators, forklifts, and car transport carriers.

Custom Cylinders

Custom Cylinders

Custom cylinders for manufacturing equipment and other uses are utilized extensively throughout industry. Custom cylinders have been engineered and made to order for special purposes and sometimes in special environments. At Cylinders, Inc., our experienced team has the expertise, equipment, and materials to repair or remanufacture custom cylinders. There’s virtually no cylinder we can't manufacture or repair.

Mill Duty Cylinders

Mill Duty Cylinders

Mill duty hydraulic cylinders have flanges welded to both ends of their barrel, with an end cap bolted to each flange. Their construction is similar to welded cylinders, except they have thicker barrel walls and heavier overall construction. They are specially designed and manufactured to work in extremely demanding, heavy-duty environments.

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Whatever Cylinder You Have, We Can Fix It

Over the years, we’ve fixed tens of thousands of cylinders and are familiar with common hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder failures. Our superior engineering offers rapid turnaround times and first-class workmanship to get your cylinders working. Fill out the contact form below and schedule your repair today!

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