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Hydraulic Cylinder Honing Service in Chicago

At Cylinders, Inc., we have been providing hydraulic cylinder honing services for over three decades. We are highly experienced in servicing a wide range of industries and are happy to develop a custom solution for your application.

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Our Hydraulic Cylinder Honing Expertise Spans Over 30 Years

Honing a hydraulic cylinder is an abrasive machining process that helps create a precision ID surface that allows for sealing. We use a honing head that contains honing stones that grind a bore to the ideal size and surface finish. By honing a cylinder, we are able to correct scratched surfaces and ovality, two characteristics that are common on repair cylinders. In addition, honing is used to create a consistent bore size at the ideal clearance.

Our professional team focuses on all types of hydraulic cylinder services, including the honing. We have large, automated horizontal honing machines that are capable of handling components up to 20 feet in length. See why we’ve earned a reputation for precision, quality, and fast turnaround times.

Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago
Honing Cylinder Advantages & Disadvantages

Need for Honing

When Your Hydraulic Cylinders Need Honing

Hydraulic cylinder honing is ideally performed every time a cylinder is resealed. It’s commonly accepted that honing during the resealing process is an ideal way to save both time and money. Simply factor in the costs associated with more frequent rebuilds in addition to a shortened sealed life, not to mention the downtime that your business could experience. Our honing process helps to renew the bore finish and provides a true bore that helps to achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

Honing Techniques

What Are the Advantages of Honing Hydraulic Cylinders?

Honing is an integral part of surface preparation when it comes to hydraulic systems. It offers countless benefits to improve the precision, efficiency, and lifespan of hydraulic cylinders. 

Efficient Pistons

The pistons used in hydraulic systems undergo a significant amount of strain as they are always operating. It’s important to protect them from friction to keep wear to a minimum. Through the surface honing process, we can greatly improve the lifespan of the pistons and improve how tolerant they are to wear and tear.

Lessened Chance of Component Failure

As soon as a hydraulic failure occurs, it isn’t only inconvenient, but it could cost your company money. In cases such as aerospace applications, it can even impact customer safety. Honing is a reliable way to ensure that the surface is free from any inconsistencies that could result in uneven wear.

Improved Transmission of Fluids

Efficient transmission of the hydraulic fluid is integral to smooth operation. Honed tubes for hydraulic cylinders help to eliminate inconsistencies and leave machine surfaces that are smooth. This helps ensure consistent transmission of fluid.

Accurate Metal Work Inspections

The honing process helps facilitate an informed inspection of the hydraulic system and highlights flaws and deficiencies that could impact its use. This helps personnel determine the best course of action whether it be additional honing or replacing the impacted section.

Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago
Cylinder Honing Process


Our Cylinder Honing Process

Our hydraulic cylinder barrel honing process will remove any dirt, corrosion, oil deposits, or small surface imperfections from the inside surface of the cylinder tube. This is done to assure that the new seals to be installed will not be damaged and prolong the seal life. The process prepares the cylinder tube surface for proper sealing, however, the process will not change the cylinder bore diameter. The honing is done with fine-grit stone turning at high speeds with oil lubrication. Once the honing is complete, the surface is cleaned and ready for reassembly.

  • We always achieve optimum surface finishes
  • We have an in-house digital surface finish that has a printout
  • We provide honing and sizing solutions for a range of materials
Cylinders inc. team

Got a Cylinder to Hone?

If you have cylinders that need honing, don’t trust just any team to handle the job. Our team is highly experienced and has over 30 years of experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a cylinder last after having been honed?

Honing a cylinder will help to significantly extend the lifespan of the product. Generally speaking, honed cylinders should last as long as a new one, but as so many operating conditions can affect the life of a cylinder, an exact lifespan can only be estimated.

How long does it take to hone a cylinder?

The process of honing a cylinder only takes short spurts of 10-15 seconds at a time until the consistent crosshatch marks are achieved. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround times!

Can a hydraulic cylinder be honed without boring?

While it can be done, it is not satisfactory. We always recommend cylinder bore repairing to satisfy all requirements and to ensure it is safe and functional.