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Looking for industrial cylinder rebuild and repair services in the Chicago area? Contact our pneumatic and hydraulic company expert team members today for a top-notch cylinder repair experience.

About us

Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago Since 1991

Servicing the Chicagoland area since 1991, our premium cylinder repair shop, located in Lisle, IL, offers full hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder repairs with a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials. At Cylinders, Inc., we stock a large inventory of seal kits to resolve mechanical issues in heavy-duty machinery of all types and sizes.

Fixing Cylinders for Your Machinery in Chicago


Our Power in Results

Sometimes numbers and statistics speak louder than words. See what we’ve managed to accomplish throughout our 30 years in business:
• 200k+ projects
• 7k projects handled per year
• 1 week on average to complete one project




Projects handled per year


Week on average to complete one project


Our Top-Quality Cylinder Repair Services

Whether it’s a simple repair or complex fabrication, Cylinders, Inc. will restore your machinery to optimal productivity. We work with all cylinder brands and types, and restore seals, polish rods, hone tubes, and more.

Pneumatic Cylinder Repair

Your pneumatic cylinders can suffer damage over its long lifecycle, and repairing them is one of our specialties. No matter the brand, model, or size: we know how to find the problem and fix it in the most expedited way.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Bring your old machinery back to good condition with our hydraulic cylinder overhaul service. Our experts are both experienced and qualified to deal with hydraulic cylinder diagnostics and repair tasks of any complexity.

Custom Cylinder Repair

We provide custom cylinder repair service and deliver the utmost high-quality customer experience. Our engineers and mechanics know exactly how to determine and fix the source of problem even in the most complex custom devices.


Brands We Repair

Our trusted expert team members repair cylinders manufactured by the world’s most reputable brands.

John Deere


Industrial Applications We Serve

We provide hydraulic, pneumatic & custom cylinder repair services for varied industries and applications, including but not limited to:

• Welding
• Construction Road Machinery
• Industrial Machinery
• Railway
• Mining & Quarry

The top three industries we commonly service are:

  • Waste And Recycling

    Working with waste can be harmful for your machinery's cylinders. No matter the severity of damage, we at Cylinders, Inc. provide diagnostics and repair services for any type of defect, no matter the label or model.

    • Balers
    • Compactors
    • Hooklifts
    • Garbage trucks
    • Street sweepers
  • Construction Equipment

    Safety, precision, and speed are crucial in any kind of construction process. Don't let your out-of-order cylinder-based equipment get in the way of getting the job done. Consult our specialists for repair services today!

    • Backhoes
    • Stump grinders
    • Excavators
    • Cranes
    • Bulldozers
  • Industrial Manufacturing

    With our extensive inventory of parts and fabrication expertise, we’re prepared to service any industrial cylinders, both hydraulic and pneumatic. We restore the power and efficiency of heavy-duty machinery in:

    • Steel mills
    • Paper mills
    • Sawmills
    • Plastic injection molding facilities
    • Manufacturing equipment


Why Work With Us

Our invaluable experience allows us to deliver the highest quality cylinder repair services possible. We have dealt with all kinds of malfunctions, so no job is too hard for us. Contact us today for a quick quote!

Guaranteed Expertise

Over the last 30 years, we’ve accumulated the expertise to work with any brand or type of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder.

Superior Customer Service

We’ve built a reputation for excellent customer service through top-quality repairs, short turnaround time, and convenient pick-up and delivery services.

Real Value

Our cost-effective repairs come with a one-year warranty as part of our commitment to superior workmanship and sustainable productivity.

Why Work With Us

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a hydraulic / pneumatic cylinder in Chicago, IL?

Cylinder repair expenses, including both hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, will likely be a significant portion of total maintenance costs. In most cases, repair is cheaper than replacement. The price depends on the type of equipment and the degree of repair. If you contact our cylinder repair shop, one of our team members can provide you with a quote.

What is your turnaround time for cylinder repairs?

Simple repairs can be done in a day, but others may take more, especially if it’s a custom cylinder repair. While we strive to achieve fast turnaround times, the extent of the repair and how busy our cylinder repair shop can affect turnaround time.

Can you repair cylinders that are too old or lack some parts?

In this case, we may advise a complete cylinder rebuild. At Cylinders, Inc., we always recommend repair over replacement, as it is often cheaper, but if we feel it will compromise the productivity of your equipment, then we’ll opt for a total replacement.

Our cylinder breaks down often. Can you make it more durable?

Most hydraulic failures are due to seals, bearings, and dents in the rod or barrel. The best way to prevent a breakdown is through regular preventative maintenance. Only once we’ve inspected your cylinder can we advise on the appropriate solution.

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