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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair & Rebuild Services for Snow Plow Trucks near Chicago, IL

Restore the power and functionality of your snow plow trucks with our expert hydraulic cylinder repair and rebuild services in the Chicago area. With Cylinders, Inc., get reliable solutions and efficient repairs to keep your snow plow fleet running smoothly all winter long.

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Your One-Stop-Shop Solution for Snow Plow Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Since 1991

Since 1991, we’ve been the trusted one-stop-shop solution for snow plow hydraulic cylinder repair. Based in Lisle, Illinois, we proudly serve clients throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond. With decades of experience and expertise, our dedicated team specializes in providing top-quality repair and rebuild services for hydraulic cylinders specifically used in snow plow trucks.

We understand the critical role these cylinders play in maintaining efficient snow removal operations. We’re committed to delivering reliable solutions, fast turnaround times, and exceptional customer service to ensure your snow plow fleet is always ready to tackle even the toughest winter conditions.

Snow Plow Hydraulic Cylinders We ServiceSnow Plow Hydraulic Cylinders We Service

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Snow Plow Hydraulic Cylinders We Service

  • Lift cylinders: Lift cylinders are responsible for raising and lowering the snow plow blade. We specialize in repairing and rebuilding lift cylinders to ensure optimal performance and efficient operation.
  • Angle cylinders: Angle cylinders allow the snow plow blade to angle or pivot, allowing for effective snow clearing in different directions. Our experienced technicians handle repairs and maintenance for angle cylinders to keep them functioning smoothly.
  • Wing cylinders: Wing cylinders are commonly found in larger snow plow configurations with multiple sections or wings. These cylinders control the movement of the wing sections. We service and repair wing cylinders to ensure reliable wing operation.
  • Trip edge cylinders: Trip edge cylinders are designed to allow the snow plow blade to trip or flex to prevent damage when encountering obstacles. We specialize in servicing trip edge cylinders to ensure they function properly to minimize wear and tear on the snow plow.


Our skilled technicians perform hydraulic cylinder welding services to repair cracks, breaks, or other structural damages. We utilize industry-standard welding techniques to ensure the strength and integrity of the cylinder.


We provide hydraulic cylinder honing service to restore the cylinder bore to its optimal condition. Honing removes any surface imperfections to achieve proper piston movement and sealing performance.


Our re-chroming service involves applying a fresh layer of chrome plating to the cylinder rod to enhance durability, and corrosion resistance, and ensure smooth rod movement within the cylinder.

Seal Replacement

Over time, the seals in snow plow cylinders can wear out and cause leaks. We specialize in replacing seals to restore proper functionality and prevent hydraulic fluid leakage.

Rod Repair

The rod of a snow plow cylinder can become damaged due to impacts with objects or debris. We have the expertise to repair or replace the damaged rod which results in a smooth and reliable operation.

Piston Replacement

If the piston inside the cylinder is damaged or worn, it can affect the performance of the snow plow. We can replace the piston with a new one to restore optimal functionality.

Bent Cylinder Repair

In some cases, the snow plow cylinder may become bent due to heavy impact or collisions. Our skilled technicians can straighten or replace the bent cylinder, ensuring proper alignment and operation.

Cylinder Reconditioning

If a snow plow cylinder is heavily worn or corroded, we offer cylinder reconditioning services. This may involve machining, honing, or replacing the cylinder to restore its original specifications.

Pressure Testing

We conduct thorough pressure testing before returning the repaired cylinder to ensure it meets or exceeds the manufacturer's specifications. This ensures that the cylinder operates safely and efficiently.


Snow Plow Cylinder Repairs We Handle

Don't Let Hydraulic Cylinder Issues Hinder Your Snow Removal Operations!

Get your snow removal operations back on track! Contact us at Cylinders, Inc. for expert snow plow hydraulic cylinder repair and maintenance. From seals to rods, we handle it all. Schedule a service today for a smooth-running snow plow fleet. Don't wait, take action now!

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Snow Plow Cylinder Brands We Service

Parker Hannifin: We’re knowledgeable and equipped to handle repairs, rebuilds, and maintenance for Parker Hannifin snow plow cylinders to achieve optimal performance and longevity. Prince Manufacturing: Our team is experienced in servicing Prince Manufacturing snow plow cylinders. We provide top-quality repairs and solutions to keep your cylinders functioning at their best. Haldex: Snow plow cylinders are another brand that we specialize in servicing. With our expertise, you can rely on us to handle any repair or maintenance needs for your Haldex cylinders.

Transportation and Public Works

Transportation and Public Works

Our services cater to transportation departments and public works agencies, helping them maintain safe road conditions by providing reliable snow plow hydraulic cylinder repair and rebuild services.

Municipal and Government Services

Municipal and Government Services

We partner with municipalities and government entities to support their snow plow operations. We keep their hydraulic cylinders in top shape, enabling them to effectively clear snow from public spaces and ensure pedestrian safety.

Facility Management and Campus Services

Facility Management and Campus Services

Our expertise extends to facility management teams and campus service providers. We assist in maintaining safe surfaces throughout corporate campuses, universities, hospitals, and various facilities by offering exceptional snow plow hydraulic cylinder repair services.


We Work with Your Industry


Years of experience and deep knowledge in snow plow hydraulic cylinder repairs.

Quality Service

Top-quality repairs using quality parts and advanced techniques.

Fast Turnaround Times

Quick repair process to minimize downtime for your snow plow fleet.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer a wide range of services to address various repair needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Commitment to clear communication and attentive service to ensure satisfaction.


Why Clients Choose Us for Their Snow Plow Truck Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

Our Client Reviews

We finally have our new cylinder installed and our lift is back up and running. The fellows who reinstalled it were commenting on the custom job done on the cylinders. Great experience all the way around. Thank you for your help!

Andy Gordon

Our cylinders were rebuilt with very quick turnaround – and we really appreciate this, as does the Hampshire Fire Department that just lost one vehicle, and needed this repair fast.


Great service and quality work!

Vince Palermo

Great people to do business with that put out quality work.

Clayton Nessling

Quality Cylinder Repair.

Chuck Rogers
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Keep Your Snow Plow Running Smoothly

Ensure smooth snow plow operation and schedule a repair now. Experience quality service, fast turnaround, and satisfaction. Take action to keep your snow plow fleet at its best!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it more cost-effective to repair or replace a snow plow hydraulic cylinder?

This depends on the severity of the damage and the overall condition of the cylinder. In some cases, minor repairs may be more cost-effective, but for severe damage or worn-out cylinders, replacement may be better. We’re happy to assist you in this decision!

How much does snow plow hydraulic cylinder repair cost?

The cost of repair can depend on factors such as the extent of the damage, the specific model of the hydraulic cylinder, and the labor and parts costs. It’s best to consult a hydraulic repair specialist for an accurate estimate.

How long does it typically take to repair a snow plow hydraulic cylinder?

The repair time can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the availability of replacement parts. Simple repairs may be completed within a few hours, while more complex repairs may take a few days. We’re always transparent about how long our process will take.