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Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs for Garbage Trucks Near Chicago, IL

Elevate the performance of your garbage trucks with our expert hydraulic cylinder repairs near Chicago, IL. Trust Cylinders, Inc. for swift, reliable solutions that keep your fleet running smoothly.

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From Trash to Treasure: Mastering Garbage Truck Cylinder Repairs Since 1991

For over three decades, Cylinders, Inc. has been the pioneering force behind the transformation of garbage truck hydraulic cylinders. Established in 1991, our commitment to excellence has made us the foremost authority in the field of garbage truck cylinder repairs. With a legacy built on unrivaled industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, we’ve consistently provided premium solutions that ensure the efficient and dependable operation of garbage trucks.

Based in Lisle, IL, we don't merely fix cylinders, we elevate the overall performance of your fleet. Our proven track record sets the industry standard for quality throughout the Chicagoland area. Join our satisfied clients and witness how our exceptional repair services can get your trash trucks back in action.

Garbage Truck Cylinders We RepairGarbage Truck Cylinders We Repair

cylinder repairs

Garbage Truck Cylinders We Repair

  • Lift cylinders: The lift cylinder is a critical component of rear-loading garbage trucks. It’s responsible for raising and lowering the trash collection container. We specialize in repairing lift cylinders to ensure smooth and safe operation during collection.
  • Dump cylinders: Front-loading garbage trucks rely on dump cylinders to tilt the front container and deposit the waste into the truck's hopper. Our expert repairs ensure these cylinders perform efficiently to facilitate efficient waste collection.
  • Ejector cylinders: Side-loading garbage trucks use ejector cylinders to push waste out of the loading hopper into the truck's body. We repair ejector cylinders to prevent jams and maintain the continuous flow of refuse.
  • Compactor cylinders: Compactor cylinders play a vital role in compacting waste inside garbage truck bodies, maximizing storage capacity. Our repairs ensure that compactor cylinders function optimally which reduces the need for frequent unloading.
  • Packer cylinders: Rear-loading garbage trucks employ packer cylinders to compress and push waste into the truck's body. We specialize in repairing packer cylinders to enhance waste compaction and minimize the number of trips to disposal sites.
  • Tailgate cylinders: Tailgate cylinders are found on rear-loading and roll-off garbage trucks and are responsible for opening and closing the tailgate, ensuring that waste remains securely inside the truck during transit. Our repairs guarantee the proper functioning of these cylinders.
  • Tipping cylinders: Tipping cylinders are used in roll-off garbage trucks to hoist and unload various container sizes. We provide expert repairs to ensure the safe and efficient operation of tipping cylinders.
  • Container lock cylinders: Front-loading garbage trucks often feature container lock cylinders to secure waste containers during transportation. Our repairs ensure these cylinders maintain a strong grip to prevent accidents during transit.


Our experts replace worn seals and gaskets to eliminate leaks and maintain hydraulic integrity.


Skilled welders repair cracks or damage in the cylinder body or rod, restoring structural strength.


Precision honing smooths and polishes cylinder inner surfaces and optimizes seal and piston fit.


We apply a new chrome layer to damaged or corroded cylinder rods for improved performance and corrosion resistance.

Rod Straightening

If the cylinder rod is bent or misaligned, we use specialized equipment to straighten it and restore functionality. 

Pressure Testing

Before returning the repaired cylinder, we perform rigorous pressure testing to verify that it meets operational standards and safety requirements.

Painting and Coating

After repairs, we can apply protective coatings or paint to enhance the cylinder's durability and resistance to environmental factors.


How We Work on Your Garbage Truck Hydraulic Cylinders

Dump the Hassle, Embrace Efficiency

Ready to leave behind the hassle and welcome improved efficiency? Take the first step today by reaching out to us at Cylinders, Inc. for a complimentary repair quote. Discover how our expertise can transform your garbage truck's hydraulic cylinders, making waste collection smoother and more efficient. Contact us now to get started on the path to enhanced performance!

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Garbage Truck Brands We Service

At Cylinders, Inc., we provide expert hydraulic cylinder repair services for a wide range of garbage truck brands. Some of the specific brands we service include but are not limited to McNeilus, Heil, Wittke, Labrie, New Way, Autocar, Peterbilt, Mack, Volvo & more. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the unique hydraulic systems and cylinders of these brands, ensuring that your garbage truck receives the highest quality repairs and maintenance to keep it operating efficiently.

Waste Management

Waste Management

Garbage trucks are the backbone of waste management operations, collecting and transporting household and commercial waste efficiently. Our cylinder repair services ensure these trucks can handle the demanding daily workload.



Construction sites often rely on roll-off garbage trucks to handle debris removal. Our expertise in cylinder repairs ensures that these trucks can manage heavy loads, including construction waste.

Municipal Services

Municipal Services

Municipalities use garbage trucks for city-wide waste collection. We help maintain the reliability of these trucks and ensure cleanliness and sanitation for urban areas.



Recycling trucks are essential for collecting recyclable materials. Our repairs enable them to continue their eco-friendly mission by optimizing hydraulic systems.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities

Industrial sites utilize garbage trucks for waste disposal. Our cylinder repair services cater to their specific requirements so waste handling is efficient. 



Landscaping companies use garbage trucks to remove green waste. Our repairs support their operations and keep landscapes pristine.



Businesses involved in hauling goods may use roll-off garbage trucks. Our expertise ensures these trucks can handle diverse cargo with precision.



Agricultural operations employ garbage trucks for various tasks, from waste removal to handling bulk materials. Our cylinder repairs enhance their versatility.


We Work with Your Industry

Swift Turnaround

Downtime can be costly. Our commitment to quick turnaround times means garbage truck operators can get their vehicles back on the road promptly, minimizing disruptions to their services.

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality is our hallmark. Garbage truck operators trust us for our meticulous repair work, using top-tier equipment and industry best practices to deliver repairs that stand the test of time.

Custom Solutions

Every garbage truck is different. We provide tailored repair solutions, recognizing that one size doesn't fit all. Our approach ensures that each repair meets the unique needs of the operator's fleet.

Competitive Pricing

We believe in providing value for our customers. Our competitive pricing ensures that operators receive high-quality repairs without breaking the bank.

Industry-Leading Warranty

We stand by our work. Garbage truck operators appreciate our warranties on repairs, providing peace of mind that their investment is protected.

Local Presence

Serving the Chicagoland area since 1991, we've become a local fixture. Operators trust our reliable, accessible service, knowing we're always just a call away.


Why Garbage Truck Operators Trust Cylinders, Inc.

Our Client Reviews

We finally have our new cylinder installed and our lift is back up and running. The fellows who reinstalled it were commenting on the custom job done on the cylinders. Great experience all the way around. Thank you for your help!

Andy Gordon

Our cylinders were rebuilt with very quick turnaround – and we really appreciate this, as does the Hampshire Fire Department that just lost one vehicle, and needed this repair fast.


Great service and quality work!

Vince Palermo

Great people to do business with that put out quality work.

Clayton Nessling

Quality Cylinder Repair.

Chuck Rogers
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common signs that my garbage truck's hydraulic cylinder needs repair?

Look out for signs like slow or uneven dumping, leaks, strange noises, or decreased lifting capacity. If you notice any of these issues, it's time to consider hydraulic cylinder repair.

How long does a typical garbage truck hydraulic cylinder repair take?

The repair duration can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the specific repair needed. Minor repairs may take a few hours, while more complex overhauls could take a day or more.

Is it better to repair or replace a damaged hydraulic cylinder on my garbage truck?

In many cases, hydraulic cylinder repairs are a cost-effective solution. However, if the damage is extensive or the cylinder is old and worn, replacement may be recommended for long-term reliability.

How can I prevent future hydraulic cylinder issues in my garbage truck?

Regular maintenance and inspections are key to preventing issues. Schedule routine maintenance checks and address any minor problems promptly to avoid more extensive repairs later.