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Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders: 5 Key Benefits

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders: 5 Key Benefits


There are many different types of hydraulic cylinders each with its unique functionality. One of the main advantages of using the telescopic hydraulic cylinder variety is the fact that it has a longer stroke compared with other cylinder designs. This cylinder variety is typically used to enhance the functions of process operations.

If you have operations that are designed to be carried out in a limited or confined space, telescopic hydraulic cylinders are a great option for you. They are also beneficial in places where a longer stroke length is required. But what about hydraulic cylinder repair?

What Is the Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder?

Telescopic cylinders are also referred to as multi-stage cylinders. They are a variety of linear actuator that consists of tubular rods referred to as sleeves. There are usually four or five sleeves that decrease in diameter and nest inside one another. As soon as hydraulic pressure is exposed to the cylinder, the largest sleeve (called the barrel or main) extends. As soon as the barrel reaches its maximum stroke, the next sleeve (called a stage) starts to extend. This is an ongoing process until the cylinder reaches the final stage that’s referred to as the plunger.

The two types of telescopic hydraulic cylinders include single-acting cylinders and double-acting cylinders. The most common type is single acting which works by using gravity or other external forces to retract the cylinder stages. Once pressure is released, the load’s force pushes oil out of the system and the cylinder retracts.


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Just like other types of cylinders, there are benefits to using telescopic hydraulic cylinders. We’ve outlined a few of them below.

#1. Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders Take Less Space

One of the main benefits is the fact that these cylinders can be used effectively in small, compact spaces. If your operations are confined and require compact equipment, consider a telescopic hydraulic cylinder that can extend significantly longer than the collapsed length. This is the most logical option if you have limited mounting space and require a long stroke.

#2. Telescopic Cylinders Can Meet Specific Angle Requirements

Using this cylinder variety is the most practical in vehicles that feature a hydraulic-powered bed such as a dump truck. There are specific angles that are required to gradually release the materials at the required range, requiring a 60-degree angle to empty the contents of the bed. As well as raising the bed, telescoping cylinders are beneficial in collapsing and returning the bed to a horizontal position.

#3. Can be Made as a Constant Thrust / Constant Speed Application

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Special telescopic cylinders are known as constant-thrust/constant-speed cylinders. They are configured so that all moving stages extend simultaneously to provide a constant speed and force while it is extending or retracting. This variety of telescopic hydraulic cylinders is often used to drive drill heads in underground mining where performance parameters are necessary. Due to its more complicated design, this type of hydraulic cylinder accomplished the necessary action by internally trapping oil, limiting the number of moving stages, and matching retract and extend areas.

#4. Can be Made as a Double or Single Acting

Another noteworthy advantage is that telescopic hydraulic cylinders can be made as single-acting, double acting, or a combination of the two. If you opt for the combination of single-acting and double-acting telescopic cylinders, you’ll also receive the benefits of a double-acting cylinder combined with the ease of operation and cost-effectiveness of a single-acting hydraulic cylinder.

#5. Telescopic Cylinders Have a Longer Stroke

The stroke length of this cylinder variety is longer than others. The typical collapsed length of a telescopic hydraulic cylinder is roughly 20-40 percent of its fully extended length. This is considered an extra-long stroke that cannot be achieved with other types of cylinder types, making it one of the biggest unique selling points of this variety.


From telescopic hydraulic cylinders for dump trailers to a host of other use cases, the benefits of this type of cylinder are expansive. If you’re looking for a reliable hydraulic cylinder repair company to assist you quickly and efficiently, our team at Cylinders, Inc. is happy to help you! To learn more about our services or to get in touch with our team, contact us today!

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