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9 Backhoe Maintenance Tips that Will Prolong the Life of Your Equipment

9 Backhoe Maintenance Tips that Will Prolong the Life of Your Equipment


Involved in everything from landscaping and roadbuilding to utility work, backhoes are an essential tool to assist in several industries.

With a wide range of uses, backhoes are utilized in many demanding tasks, and with these, they can undergo a great deal of wear and tear. When left without maintenance, a backhoe can become an idle, costly tool when unexpected maintenance is needed.  

Thankfully, with careful preventative measures, proper backhoe maintenance can prolong the lifespan of this essential equipment. To ensure the longevity of your backhoe, we are sharing excavator maintenance tips to ensure your backhoe is ready to perform and in good shape for years to come.

#1. Visual Inspection Is Important

One of the critical elements of maintaining all parts of a backhoe is a visual inspection. At the end of each use, do a quick inspection of this equipment, ensuring there is no built-up dirt or grime in the components, and all debris is cleaned off.

We can break down this visual inspection into five steps, including:

  • Checking for bucket teeth damage;
  • Looking for any cracked or broken hoses;
  • Noticing leaks;
  • Inspecting inadequate tire pressure;
  • Checking for loose bearing bushings, bolts, and pins.

If any of the above parts of the backhoe loader show signs of these issues upon a visual inspection, they should be addressed right away.

#2. Position the Hydraulic Hoes Carefully

excavator hydraulic cylinder

Oftentimes, backhoe hoses are at risk of being ripped open due to hose routing being messed up. When torn, using these damaged hoses lead to added operating expenses and decreased machine performance. To avoid this, one of our backhoe tips is to route and position the hoses accurately. They should be tied correctly and secured at the stick and boom to avoid issues.

#3. Make Sure to Check Every Fluid

For proper backhoe cylinder maintenance, it’s important to ensure there is adequate operating fluid fuel levels. In addition to recommendations provided by the manufacturer,  the fluids to monitor daily include:

  • Oil
  • Fuel
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • antifreeze/coolant
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

#4. Examine Your Excavator Engine

The engine is the heart of the backhoe, powering it to do its job. With this important role, the engine should be looked at on a daily basis.

At the start of the day, ensure that there is no buildup in the engine's cooling system.

Additionally, on top of this daily task, the air filter should be checked and cleaned as needed. Since backhoes are used in highly dusty or dry environments, the air filter needs to be addressed frequently. We recommend giving it a check weekly to look for any noticeable dirt build-up.

#5. Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

When in doubt, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Manufacturers suggest servicing time in their user’s manuals, so if you aren't a qualified technician, this is your guide. Even if you don’t know everything about a backhoe arm and other parts, the user manual will serve as a good reference.

#6. Don’t Forget about the Greasing

With a few moving parts, using the best grease for backhoe equipment is essential. Areas to grease include the front axle, swing system pins, and trunnion bearings. These areas should be checked daily and greased as needed.

It’s important to always use high-quality grease to ensure that your backhoe is equipped to handle the full day of tasks ahead. This includes accounting for the appropriate temperature variances based on where you are using this machinery.

We recommend greasing your machinery cylinders at the end of the day. This is when it’s warm and will be more receptive to the grease's benefits.

#7. Clean Everything After the Shift Is Over

backhoe arm

At the end of every use, it is important to examine and clean your backhoe to avoid any costly repair fees in the future. The specifics of what to clean will be in your user’s manual, but you should additionally give your machine a look over at the end of the day to determine what is needed.

After a day of work, you can draw off water from the fuel water separator, cleaning the parts that have the most contact with soil. You want to clean your equipment before the dirt really begins building up and drying, making it harder to remove.

#8. Inspect the Tires and Tracks

Before putting away your backhoe for the day, backhoe maintenance includes checking the tires to ensure they have the right pressure. With the right pressure, you can reduce tire wear and tear, ensuring the stability of your equipment.

Additionally, for backhoes with metal tracks, be sure to look at the track tension and traction. Any sign of rust and dents will make using the machine more of a challenge and should be replaced as needed.

#9. Don’t Forget about Your Cylinders!

Last but not least, it’s important to inspect the excavator hydraulic cylinder to ensure it is in good shape. The hydraulic cylinders need to be in good condition in your backhoe in order to ensure a well-running machine that has the power it needs to operate. If there are any noticeable signs of damage, it’s time for a backhoe hydraulic cylinder repair.

For assistance with any backhoe cylinder repairs and replacement, Cylinders, Inc is the backhoe cylinder repair company for the job. To ensure the quality and function of your cylinders, contact us today for help.

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